What is Baptism?

Baptism is a public testimony of one's commitment to following Christ. It is a symbolic representation of death, burial, and resurrection, signifying a new life in Christ. By getting baptized, you are obeying Christ’s command in the Bible for all believers, and declaring to the world that Jesus Christ is the Lord of your life. Regardless of your age or background, baptism is a significant step in your journey as a Christ-follower.

At DeepWater, we believe that biblical baptism is symbolic, it doesn’t grant you salvation, but it is also very important in the life of every believer. For those desiring to become members of our church, we require baptism by immersion as a step of obedience and a demonstration of your faith commitment. Whether you were baptized previously at the time of your commitment to Christ or you choose to be baptized now as you seek membership, we welcome you to take this step with us.

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