Our Values

[Authentic Family]

We are committed to being a multi-generational faith family that like the early church in Acts is authentic, which is more than hanging out with each other. It’s being hospitable and loving to each other, laughing & celebrating, hurting & mourning together, accountability among believers, growing spiritually and engaging in friendship.

[Next Generation Committed]

We are committed to investing in children, students, & younger believers through the faith family and the home so to prepare them to be leaders now and future leaders in the home, business and the church. The next generation is strongest when the family at home and faith family are spiritually strong.

[Personal Spiritual Responsibility]

We teach, equip, and challenge people to purse Jesus in a way that encourages maturity through daily spiritual disciplines, living connected to the Holy Spirit and sharing the Gospel to make disciples where they live, learn, work and play. Growing followers of Jesus take ownership of their faith.

[Passionate Worship]

We gather in Spirit & in Truth during worship gatherings. Our aim is to have passionate and life-giving worship that glorifies the Father by exalting Jesus and yielding to the leadership the Holy Spirit. We teach the Bible passionately knowing that it has the power to change the heart, mind and will.

[Generous Living]

We deeply love others by generously giving of our time, talents, finances, possessions and spiritual gifts so that we can see the Kingdom of God come to the island, the greater Charleston area, South Carolina, United States and the world. Where God leads we look to collaborate with other Christian churches to generously spread the Good News of Jesus.