About DeepWater

Why Plant a New Church?

This may be the very question that you are asking yourself right now. If so, good. That is the right question.

Statistics show that 85% of North American Churches are either plateaued or declining. This is an alarming number. We also know that the church is the chosen vehicle by which God desires to reach people with the Gospel and make disciples. There, we must start new healthy churches. With the partnerships of established we will be able to start new churches that can help reach our cities, nation and the with world with the Gospel.

We don’t plant new churches because we have lost faith in our established churches. We plant new churches because we desire to reach more people with the good news of Jesus Christ. The more Christ-centered churches we have, the more people we can lead to Jesus.

Why the Isle of Palms?

The Isle of Palms is a beautiful and scenic island community in South Carolina and is one of the most visited coastal locations in the state. The island has around 4,400 residents and many of them are not connected to a church on the island or anywhere. We recognize that there are churches serving on the island, but the population of the island is more than any handful of churches could hold. Statistically new churches are very effective in connecting with the unchurched and this is especially true in under-churched communities.

It’s important to note that DeepWater is for people from Sullivan’s Island, Mt. Pleasant and beyond as well! Visitors and vacationers to the island will always be welcomed guests – we count it a blessing to worship with people from all around.

DeepWater Information Handout - click here to see our information handout. 

Some FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Where will DeepWater Church have worship services?   We have been given permission by St. Mark's Lutheran Church on the Isle of Palms (300 Palm Blvd) to use their facility.  This is HUGE and we are so thankful!
  • What date will worship services officially begin?  September 9, 2018
  • What time will worship services start?  5pm
  • Will you have children's ministry?  Yes
    *Note that we are assisting St. Mark's Church with their Vacation Bible Camp from July 24-26, 2018.  Please see the registration form or volunteer application for more information.  
  • Will you have student ministry?  Yes
  • Will you have small groups?  Yes, we are calling them DeepWater Groups or D-Groups