How it all began...

While on a run in the spring of 2016, Paul Coleman DeepWater's lead pastor, sensed God telling him that he was to leave his position at his current church, The Church at LifePark in Mt. Pleasant, SC and start a new church on the Isle of Palms. Perfectly content and comfortable in his role as an associate pastor overseeing the Next Generation Ministries and working with students for fifteen years, he attempted to ignore this new call on his life.

God was persistent and provided the courage to share this news with his wife. After the initial shock, Jessica who grew up on the Isle of Palms, began to sense excitement for the new adventure. For a year Paul vetted this new call with others and prayed for clarity. In May of 2017 he announced to LifePark that God was calling him to start a new church that would be for the people of Isle of Palms, Sullivan's Island, Mt. Pleasant and beyond. This past year has been a time of transition as the Coleman's have prepared themselves to transition from LifePark, move to the IOP and begin putting together a core team that will help them launch this new church. 

In the Gospel of Luke (5:1-11) Jesus asks Peter to go fishing with him. Peter had been fishing all night with no success and so going back out to fish didn't make sense, but because Jesus called he went. Jesus called Peter into the deep waters and to a place where there were many fish to catch. Peter left what was comfortable and followed Jesus. This particular passage of scripture spoke to Paul and Jessica in this new season of life because they feel called into the deep waters.

Have you ever sensed God calling you in to a place that seems unknown or uncomfortable? To go there, you must trust God and know that he will do something miraculous.  Will you pray and consider joining this new church - is God calling you to the deep waters?

*DeepWater is an autonomous church that was sent & is endorsed by The Church at LifePark in Mt. Pleasant, SC.