Will YOU Help Start DeepWater?!

God is at work on the Isle of Palms and DeepWater would like to invite you to be a part of the movement.  Starting a church is an adventure that takes much prayer, team preparation, strategy, financial support and the faith that God will provide.  

'Help Start DeepWater' is a way for us to welcome friends, family, brothers and sisters into this church planting vision.  

Truthfully, we need your help to start DeepWater Church!  We have now launched our services, 

but we are still in need of folks to help us as we get things started.

Please see the below video and information about the financial need and opportunity to partner.




Ways to Help Start DeepWater

1. PRAY – 

Join our email Prayer List which comes once or twice a month.  Click to sign-up for our update list & here for our prayer list

2. INVITE – 

Know someone who lives on or near the island and is looking for a church? Please share about DeepWater! We

are on Facebook or you cant send them to our website —those are two easy ways to spread the word.

3. JOIN –

Live on the IOP, Sullivan’s Island, Mt. Pleasant or close by & interested in joining a new work? We would love

to talk more with you about joining this new church family!

4. INVEST – 

We invite you to invest your God-given resources back into His mission by helping us plant this new faith

family that will passionately pursue Jesus and deeply love the island and beyond.

About The Financial Need

As stated above, starting a new church takes bold faith and trust.  The leadership of DeepWater is asking the Lord to pour out his grace and generosity, so that DeepWater Church can be an instrument for life-change on the Isle of Palms and beyond.  The Isle of Palms is a unique location to plant a church, because when you are on the island it seems like people have everything they need and more.  However, as it says in Matthew 16, "what is that a man profit the whole world, but lose his soul?" - there are many on the island that have much as it relates to possessions and beautiful views, but do they have Christ?

It's possible to see the financial numbers below and wonder why a church plant has a budget of this size.  The best way to explain the heightened cost of planting a church on the Isle of Palms is to relate it to the cost of living - if a family buys a home in a more rural town than there is good chance it will be cheaper than buying a home in a location like the island.  Our budget for our first year seems to be consistent with the community in which we are planting.  

Financial need as of December 26, 2018 - we have raised 75% of the support needed to reach the 2018-19 budget.

Currently our Plant Team members are contributing financially, but it is probable that it could take years before our congregation can support our budget.


Budget Overview:

Personnel  -  169K  

Full time Pastor, Part time (PT) Worship Minister, (PT) Children's Minister, (PT) Student Minister, (PT) Financial Admin

Administration  -  30K   

Donation to host church for facility use (& playground project), Furniture, Equipment (staff computers, children's check-in), Software (propresenter, logos, planning center), Marketing, Background Checks

Ministry  -  36K   

Staff Cont. Ed, Children & Student Ministries, Host Ministry, Missions, DeepWater Groups, Fellowship Events, Discipleship, Worship Ministry, Volunteers, Church Plants, Cooperative Giving

TOTAL  =  235K


*Some immediate needs include: 


- $1,000 for monthly donation to host church

- $1,000 Marketing to get the word out

- $1,000 for children's ministry curriculum & supplies     

 - $1,500 for Logos Online Commentary Software for pastor's sermon study   

- $2,500 for Local, Regional & Global Missions

 - $1,000 Scholarships to reserve spots for summer camps

- Funding to help support our three staff members: full time pastor, part time worship minister, part time children's minister
*If you're interested in helping fund the cost of a position for part of the year, 

please use email address below to get more information.


Giving Options:

1. Monthly Giving - the online giving button below provides a monthly giving option - thank you for your consistent gift!

-- $25 a month (300 year)         -- $50 a month (600 year)         -- $100 a month (1,200 year)

-- $175 a month (2,100 year)    -- $250 a month (3,000 year)    -- $500 a month or more

2.  One-Time Gift - the online giving button below provides a one-time gift options - thank you for your generosity!

*Note that there have been some changes since printing the mailed support letters.  

If you would like to see that support letter, see here.

Thank you so much for your willingness to financially invest and give to DeepWater - we are so thankful and we praise God for you!  Your gift will be used to further God's Kingdom and make an impact with the Gospel to the Island and Beyond.  If you have any questions, please email give@deepwaterchurch.cc