Part-time (20 hours/week) – 10 weeks

January 24th, 2022

Dear Prospective Intern,

Thank you for your interest in an Intern Position with DeepWater Church.  We believe that this internship is a great opportunity for people who want to grow in their relationship with Christ, grow in leadership, engage in meaningful ministry through the local church, share Christ with others, and enjoy their job. Below you will find information about DeepWater Church and internship goals & responsibilities, all of which will help inform you about this exciting opportunity. After you have read this information and are prayerful about this opportunity, please take time to fill out the Employment Application Form and send it in as soon as you can with a resume.  Internship positions will be filled as applications are received, applicants are interviewed and a viable candidate is identified.  You can read further about the application process.

Please note that there are two internships available and since we are a church plant, our interns will gain experience in a variety of ministry environments.  If there is a particular area of ministry an intern is looking to gain more experience, we will try to individualize it as best we can.  However, we want intern candidates to understand that we are a church that launched in September 2018 and so our approach is grass roots.

Again, thank you for your interest. I look forward to receiving your application.

In Christ’s Joy,
Rev. Paul Coleman

Lead Pastor
DeepWater Church

Internship Information

What you will gain:

  • Grow Deeper in your Relationship with Christ
  • Be a Part of a Church Plant in its 4th year
  • Be a part of the Church Leadership Team
  • Gain Valuable Experience
  • Share Jesus & be a part of Life-Change
  • Lead Bible Studies, Small Groups & Other Events
  • Make a Difference for the Kingdom
  • Work with Dedicated Volunteers
  • Learn from Pastors & other Leaders

About DeepWater’s Summer Internship:

Equipping young leaders to serve Christ with integrity and excellence is a high calling. DeepWater has identified a ministry imperative that has motivated our church to help build up young leaders in the church.  During the summer DeepWater will offer college students/recent graduates the opportunity to devote a season of time to spiritual growth and self-discovery through service in the local church.

Throughout the internship, interns will be taught by pastors and leaders on topics such as Bible study methods, gospel-centered living, the local church, missions, spiritual gifts, worship, spiritual disciplines, leadership, and more. These teaching times are designed to equip interns with foundational truths that will build character and knowledge that is essential for their role as healthy members in a local church and community.

Practical Ministry
Interns will serve throughout the summer and will gain “hands-on” ministry experience in all areas of ministry at DeepWater Church. Interns may be asked to teach, train, lead, listen, observe, build, and connect in a variety of different ways. 

The Main Things
The Great Commandment & the Great Commission fuel the work of our church and so interns can expect to grow closer to Christ through worship, fellowship, discipleship, serving in the church and evangelism. Jesus has called us to take the good news to people, in word and deed, and students will participate in local and regional mission opportunities.  You will be positioned to be a missionary on the Isle of Palms & Sullivan’s Island.

We believe the primary context for life-change is within relationships. DeepWater Interns will have mentors and will be challenged to lead others throughout the summer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can be an Intern?
Any recent college graduate or current college-age student that has been out of high school for more than 6 months.

Is this a paid Internship?
Yes, DeepWater will provide a stipend of $2,000 total for the 10 week internship (paid bi-weekly) as well as cover the costs of any DeepWater ministry related expenses throughout the summer.

How many hours per week is the Internship?
The internship will be approximately 20 hours a week and will be spread out throughout the week. However, this schedule will fluctuate based on evening and weekend responsibilities.  Please note that interns will participate in some next generation (kids & student ministry) events.  Participating in the execution of these next generation events will serve as an important way for interns to grow.

Student Ministry Camp – July 8th - 12th – This is a 5 day/4-night mission-focus camp for our students that takes place in NC.

Vacation Bible School – July 19th - 21st – This is a fun 3-day VBS hosted at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church that we put on for kids all across and the island and Mt. Pleasant. This is one of our “all hands on deck” outreach opportunities.

WEEKLY REQUIREMENTS: (More detailed schedule to be provided at beginning of internship)

  • Worship Service On the Beach  – SUNDAY – 10am Service – staff is there from approximately 7:30am-11:30am.                         (Note: During the internship, we will have Sunday mornings services on the beach, but all other activities will take place at St. Mark's Lutheran church). 
  • Leadership Team Mtgs – MONDAY – 9:30-11:15am
  • Intern Times – WEDNESDAY -- 12:00-2:00pm
  • (This will take place at The Church at Lifepark in Mt. Pleasant with their interns.)
  • Student Ministry – Summer Nights still TBD – 5:30-7:30pm – 5:00pm – 8:00pm for staff.
  • Weekly Prayer Meeting & Intern Evangelism – THURSDAYS - Times may vary.

*There will be other times added at the beginning of the internship, these are the known days and times. 

Can I work another job or take summer classes in addition to the Internship?
Ideally the internship works best when it receives focused attention as the primary focus for the intern.  However, if an intern desires to have another job or take classes that will not conflict with the internship, that is understandable. Please note that in the past, taking summer classes has caused some distraction, so be wise and well-thought out if registering for summer classes.  This is an ‘all-in’ internship that requires energy and passion. The intern needs to be committed for the summer in order to get the desired experience.

Do I have to currently attend or be a member of DeepWater Church?
No, this internship is designed for all next generation leaders in the church. We feel compelled to help equip you regardless of where you attend church locally.  It is important to note that while an intern you are asked to attend DeepWater’s worship services throughout the summer.

Is this Internship just for future pastors or church leaders?
No, this internship is for college-age or graduate students who desire to grow in their understanding of Jesus, the church, and their role as a future part of Christ’s Kingdom.  We do however believe that this internship will be most valuable to those considering full time vocational ministry and at times this could come into play as we review candidates.

When is the deadline for the application? And when will interviews be held?
Application period opened on January 24th, 2022 and the application will be open until the position is filled.

After an application is received the applicant will be contacted by someone from DeepWater about an interview time. Most interviews are done over Zoom, depending on location of applicant.  Please note that internships have been and can be competitive and the fulfillment of a position will be at the discretion of the interview team.  If there are no viable candidates for an internship position than that internship can be left unfilled.

Other Internship Information

This Ministry Internship is designed to…

  1. Provide valuable ministry experience.
  2. Challenge leadership development and growth.
  3. Help give clarity to a possible calling in ministry.
  4. Connect interns with a church community.
  5. Deepen a love for Jesus and his church.

Specifics of the Internship…

  1. Interns must be a Christian whose life reflects moral purity.
  2. An intern should have a desire to serve God and influence others.
  3. The leadership at DeepWater values the collective wisdom and work of teams, so interns will be working with a team where communication, honesty, and passion are all a high value
  4. The Internship Starts May 22nd and ends July 31st, 2022.
  5. Internship Stipend - $2,000 over 10 weeks.
  6. Two summer internships are available.

About DeepWater Church:

DeepWater Church is a church plant that was started in 2018 when a core group of 11 adults and 9 children began to gather.  The group was led by Paul Coleman, who was at the time the Associate Pastor of Next Generations at The Church at LifePark in Mt. Pleasant (8 miles away).  In the summer of 2018 the core team became the plant team as they had interest meetings on the island that gathered in an additional 14 adults and 8 children.  The plant team spent the summer of 2018 preparing for a September 2018 launch.  On September 23, 2018 DeepWater Church started having worship services on the Isle of Palms at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church at 5pm.  In our 3rd year, we moved to Sunday morning services beginning in January 2022 and will start meeting weekly on the beach in April of 2022 for our services to better reach the people of the island! The church is a grassroots movement of 50-75 meeting each week.  The Church at LifePark is the sending church for DeepWater Church.

Our Mission Statement:

DeepWater Church exists to be a faith family, passionately pursuing Jesus and deeply loving the islands and beyond. 

More about the Internship:

This internship is designed to give an intern a broad experience that includes an introduction to the different ministry areas in a church plant such as, but not limited to: children, students, hospitality, d-groups, worship arts, pastoral care, prayer ministry and more. 

Our interns will:
- Bond with a young church family
- Spend time and have access to pastors and other ministry staff
- Be challenged and inspired by participating in next generation leadership
- Experience a broad spectrum of ministry opportunities

Church’s Official Job Description

All DeepWater summer interns will work closely with their direct reports in each ministry area.  Interns will glorify God and passionately serve His church by ministering and implementing programs of ministry for DeepWater Church and by sharing the Gospel as a missionary on the Isle of Palms.  The primary responsibility of a Summer Intern will be to learn and serve.

The ministry plan will be consistent with the DeepWater Church Mission.  

The direct report for all interns will be the Lead Pastor, Paul Coleman. 

Interested in Applying?

Thank you again for your interest in this exciting opportunity. Start the application by clicking the button below. 

*Please include your resume with the application, thank you. 

**Also, if you are a part of DeepWater Church or you have a family member that is, and are applying please note that we would never want this internship application process to get between you and your home church or ministry staff.  Not every applicant can be chosen for an internship.  Please consider this prayerfully.

***If you have any questions about the internship, please reach out to Paul Coleman,

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