From the Lead Pastor

Thank you so much for checking out DeepWater's site! I am excited about all that God is doing and what is to come to the Isle of Palms and surrounding areas. Our family moved to the island in January of 2018 and are starting to feel more at home with each passing day. We're starting to get on 'island time' and we found a golf cart, both of which seem like musts for locals. 

My wife Jessica grew up on the IOP and I did in Mt. Pleasant and so we are humbled to have the opportunity to start a church in our life-long home.  Both of us were changed by the Good News of Jesus when we were teenagers and involved in the local church.  We would have never thought that starting a new church would be a part of our lives, we are imperfect and real people, but we want our lives to help others know God's love, grace and truth.  

In the months to come we are looking forward to spending time with our core team, and as we get into the summer we will begin building a larger plant team. There is already momentum behind DeepWater and God is at work!  I look forward to sharing with folks at our interest meetings in May and I invite you, no matter your faith background, to join us.  May God bless you, hope to see you soon.

In God's Love,

Paul (with Jessica, Ella (9), Lily (6), Maci (<1)

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